Warcraft (I, II & III) theme as Mutation

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As the title says, it might give another dimension to the game.

The missions in the mutation would have a little medieval look, you know... buildings being made of wood and stone instead of metal, castle-like structures and towers, magical portals instead of warp gates (in Void Launch), etc...

There could even be all the buildings from WC3 intalled in the mutator as the enemy buildings.

There could also be a new UNDEAD skin for all races if the LICH KING comes to play.
Here's the idea:
Enemy Arthas (Lich King) comes to attack you with his army hybrids and undead units (whether from WC3 or new SC2 skins).
He has the ability to turn your units into undead ones loyal to him (same as WC3).

I think you get the idea :)
Do you think it's worth it ?
The Warcraft 3 unit/structure assets are in the editor, im not sure about terrain though.

So if they wanted to it would be doable.

Ive got no idea if it is possible with Warcraft 3s engine to monetise stuff such as commanders or models but it would not surprise me if the modders have tried to replicate the Coop mode over there.

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