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So I started playing Co-op again after a long time (last time I was around Han & Horner were new) and after maybe a dozen games, I've met only 1 player who had Ascension levels. The rest were leeches I had to carry on Brutal (I'm not sure why I was hoping that Brutal would get level-locked). They even get surprised when they see my lvl190 (which I thought would be the norm on Brutal by now). What's even more weird, I've yet to bump into a Tychus or a Zeratul.

What's going on?
Was about to say the only thing I could think of would have to be people trying to complete the War Chest, but dident that end six days ago?
There is no news that would suddenly bring an surge of people from Blizzards other games either that I can think of.

The only thing left I can think of would have to be some recent RTS title being released that let people down caused them to go here for a few days.

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