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As you know, there are many skins for each race (Mercanaries, for T, Stimulant for Z, Tal'darim for P, and others)
But what about Zerg skins for T and P ?
Protoss skins for Z and T ?
Terran skins for Z and P ?

Let me be more specific.
Zerglings/Hydralisks wearing a Marine-style suit (note the ling is on all 4 legs, not standing like the Marine).
Observers in T mech style.
Zealots wearing Marauder-style suit, but less buff, to resemble the Zealot silhouette.
Siege Tank resembling the design of an Immortal (armour, colour, firing animation).
Roach in a Stalker armour.
Zerg skinned Marine... NOT INFESTED MARINE, just glowing eyes, purple armour-suit, different skin colour, spikes on armour suit... maybe ?

Same thing for buildings and mech.
NOTE: Zerg skins for T and P buildings are NOT INFESTED.
Imagine them in a Zerg colour, with some spikes and those Banelings green sacs. The basic shape of the buildings stays the same (CC- half sphere, Hatchery - volcano shape, Nexus - pyramid )

It is basically the unit of one race wearing the clothes/armour of the other race, but they were adjusted to their size and shape.

Imagine a dog wearing human clothes that were adjusted to fit the dog. Like a dog sized t-shirt, shorts and a hat with holes to fit the dog's ears.

The same principle applies here with the races.

Would this be too confusing in the game?

Thanks for reading :)
Think that would make it abit too similar indeed, you would have to add quite a few details to four legged units like Roach/Ravager and Stalker/Immortal to make them stand apart from eachother, especially in team games when you got several units willy nilly going around all over the place and have to manually cast Psi Storm on the fly.

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