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there are players I do not want to meet (in CO-OP for example) ever again. Would it be possible to make "Blocked Communication" list (Social) also Blacklist...which would not allow the game to pair me with people on it? That would be great functionality.
Best regards & looking forward to your answer

I think it could be possible that they put a button at the end of the mission. Similar to the "Invite to party" one, for example "Block user".
this would be terrible for afk botters. They would get no more games :(
Being able to ban someone from ever getting in same game with them again would be wonderful.
I cant even think of the massive amount of numbers players who I would like to avoid, so much that !@#$ting in my hands and clapping seems more enjoyable than playing with someone who is either afk or sitting 80 % of the time on their phone.

I am not saying co op arent easily soloed, but its so frustrating to grand afkers and slackers free exp while you do everything and lately has it become very popular.

Not to mention being able to ban a map when you go random, since far too often people just leave merely cuz they do not like the map they got into.
I wish they would implement this, there are so many TK's, afk-ers, and just plain dumb idiots who ruin the game on purpose. I know " its just a game " but out of all game genres, I take RTS pretty serious and I hate when my experience is ruined.
Indeed, just blocking their chat doesn't stop them from griefing the slightest bit.

It's their actions we need to stop, and the only way to do that it by having the option of blocking them from ever queuing up with us again.
Being able to block who you play with could also be abusive. "There is a player that keeps beating me in 1v1 - let's black-list him!"

Also to be honest, how often do you randomly run into the same player twice? It happened to me a couple of times in coop, but none of them were toxic or extra bad. And I play coop a lot.

In team ladder games you meet the same players much more often. But we have the MMR that regulates matching. If a teammate plays poorly, you are not that much better than him, so complaining about his poor skills is pretty ironic. But if you really are better, you are going to be promoted and out of his league sooner or later. The problem could be toxicity but again, in my experience it happens rarely. Most people playing SC2 are decent people. If toxicity does happen -> ignore chat/block communication, if someone goes teamkilling, restart the game.

So I don't see a reason to block players. How about instead of "Black list", we get some kind of chance to rate teammates at the end of the game? There could be different categories such as game play skill, responsiveness, funness... High rated players could get special achievements, extra exp points in coop, maybe even priority at matchmaking. While this could still be abused, the average would be a pretty good image of a team player, I think.

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