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Hey guys,

it sounds like a very old topic but let’s address it again - after 8 years of development mech almost always loses to Protoss. Professionals always go bio

Countless ideas were proposed how to make mech viable

I just had an idea I want to share, even though very few people will read it

Why not make zealot charge’s 8 dmg affect biological targets only?

Zealots are one of the things that murder mech, probably the primary counter. The change won’t be radical, but it’ll help mech. And it won’t affect bio or Zerg. PvP will remain balanced obviously

What do you think?

Other idea might be to make burrowed units and deployed siege tanks immune to phoenix’s graviton beam. Lategame units for both T and P might also need rework. But in my opinion it all comes down to the zealots, and this small tweak might be just what we need
PvP will become only immortal, stalker, colossus if this is the change.Not that it's not heavy on immortals now, but it will be more so.

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