Dear Blizzard, its time to handle griefers in co-op

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Hey, Blizz, are u going to handle griefers or not?

Lately it became literally unplayble, I meet mentally unstable human beings every 4-5 matches. Infinite pausing, intentional teamdamaging to lose objectives or destroying entire bases if I dont want to follow their master will to leave the game and let the master play on his own alone just because he wants to:

I believe its not that hard to make a teamdamage counter and then give a week of a rest to players who cant hold their behavior in tact.
I've only encountered these types of players once or twice, lately I've mostly been paired up with beginners from the looks of it. Slow to build an army, walk around the map with a few units, builds no defenses and barely play the objective.

Sorry to hear that you have the opposite experience. If it is such a big problem it should definitely be looked into, but for now the best you can do is reporting them.
i have encountered such players multiple times. your best bet is to report them.

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