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Hey hello everybody. Im sorry for this question becuase im feel preety bad but do you facing ladder anxiety? what is your keys to win against? I was looking for somebody who also chalange the anxiety but i feel like im only one on world... I know its sound kind weird... I found one guy on Twitch - VidaRegrasEs this guy is playing sc2 but he also got this anxiety just help me. Do you know some other streamers? its ridiculous to have anxiety like this .. Im thinking that i will go to visit psychiatric care because its really not funny...

I love this game from my 14 years now im 10 years older and have this problem.

Have you tried playing 4v4/3v3 games for fun for a couple of weeks?
i think the answer is to stop caring about the ladder itself, but how to achieve it...I don't know.
18/12/2018 14:17Posted by Hyperion
Have you tried playing 4v4/3v3 games for fun for a couple of weeks?
i think the answer is to stop caring about the ladder itself, but how to achieve it...I don't know.

I will try this thanks a lot for your answer... You are right play for fun.... i need somehow to tell this to my head....
Youre not an exception do not worry, people have been openly confessing their anxiety problems over Starcraft 2 since its release, back in early Wings of Liberty there was even an support group thread here.

The anxiety id imagine comes from alot of factors coming together, youre on a timer against an human foe, you have to be tactical and not only anticipate close to every possible scenario at the same time but also formulate what your plan is, you have to scout, build your infrastructure, spend your resources and decide if its best to produce workers or army units and control your army.

The thing that causes the anxiety is none of the above indivdually, its all of them simultaneously being needed to be adressed, throughout every single second of the match.

I do not know what race you play as (the site is borked) but id say trying to tunnel vision and address one of these problems at the time and accept a few losses.

Have some problems with spending resources? Get an easy to execute build like Archon/Zealot, MMM, Roach/Hydra army and focus primarily on getting the necessary infra structure then focus on getting units out.

Is there units you are insecure about using? Incorporate them whenever you can for the sake of doing so and focus on using them like practicing Ghosts or Mutalisks.

Tunnel vision on what you want to improve and watch that skill grow like at some point ending up subconsciously managing army production.

Thats the best advice I can give out of anecdotal evidence, I was unable to even queue up in the start at some point, it took me four hours of dedication staring at the screen and hovering over the queue button before I managed to even chip away at the ladder anxiety.
Another way I though of...make your goal to try every cheese possible and never play a standart game.It may cost you a lot of ladder points but it will bring you more fun points when it works. ;D
I used to have a bit of ladder anxiety myself. At some point I realized that my anxiety came both from a wrong mentality and a lack of practice. I had to ask myself the question 'What am I so afraid of?' and 'What do expect will happen when I press this button?'. I was afraid of losing and embarrassing myself, that's why I didn't want to play ranked.

So I decided to take baby steps; practice one build order for a timing attack in a custom game vs the AI a lot. Once I felt confident in that build I made myself play exactly one ranked game and analyze it. More importantly, I decided that the point of laddering wasn't winning, but learning and practicing. Not having to win took the pressure off of me. The goal was not to win, that's too big of an expectation for a player who isn't high ranked. The goal was something like improving my execution, better scouting, better micro or at the very least understand why I lost and thinking of a way to.

If you improve just a little bit, if one of the bars on the score screen improves by just tiny bit, give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself some ice cream. You're on the right track.
I used to have ladder anxiety but i think that because i watch alot of pro streamers then i start watch Avilo( yes down vote me ). I saw how he laugh and make it funny when he lose so i decide to start playing again now lose don't matter to me thanks to him i laugh at me lose XD.
Guuys thanks a lot! im so happy that im not only one. I will try what you suggest me. In my case has anxiety also health problems so it will take time but i will fight .. becuase its just a game... there is niothing to be afraid... but once again thanks guys GL HF
to keep it short. anxiety comes from fear of losing elo, not an actual game, once you set your priorities right and instead of aiming to have "x" elo you aim to improve you'll be gucci.

I've had Ladder anxiety in different games when I play competitive but im pretty casual in starcraft and that helps too :P

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