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Ranked 2v2 and all team modes are a fkn joke. Ive played 50 matches now with 18 games where my teammate doesnt build any units, and 7 where they leave at the start of the match. I have won 31 out of these matches and I am consistently having to face 1v2 to win. This game is a !@#$ing joke
yeah broke notgood
becuase not balacned need more balance hevy protos carrier need nerf batle crtuser as well and give batle cruiser small fighter to counter craarier same yerg
you are expected to carry. This why this game is so awful , same with overwatch

they don't make fair match ups. INstead they make it so that 1 person has to carry so the person being carried doesnt deserve to rank up and the person who carries gains nothing

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