Two bugs in single-player missions

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First and easy is that in "Supernova" mission there is no 3. Protos artefact on the East megalith platform (closest to the enemy base with Vault). This prevents both mission goals to be fulfilled, achievements and scientific points (money reward) earned.

And another, probably feature, is that when I fulfill 2 missions on Console, outside the main story rollout, I don't get reward for that (at least in scientific points and money).

Please reply if second is just feature.
12/01/2019 12:11Posted by nDmyonic
in "Supernova" mission
If I recall correctly, this is a StarCraft II mission though (we're on StarCraft: Remastered Technical Support forum here), nDmyonic. You can report issues with in-game content on our dedicated bug report forum directly.
If you'd like to have a specific game mechanic (or feature) clarified, please use the most appropriate General discussion forum instead. :)

Thank you!

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Oh, I'm sorry for disturbance. =)
Dear blizzard support team
I have bought StarCraft remastered and when I play single missions in full screen mode the game runs very slow as result I tried to find a solution to my problem through online until I have found your forms regarding StarCraft remastered and one of the support team posted that I should turn game dvr off but unfortunately it didn't work so please I ask you kindly to fix this problem . if this problem I shall not play your games any more .
Hello Starlights,

This thread was created for a completely different issue, could you please open your own and explain what happens exactly? Does the game appear "choppy" or there is latency?
Have you tried troubleshooting steps other than turning off Game DVR?

Please make also sure your computer meets the system requirements indicated for the game and double-check your system drivers, everything should be up to date.

Should there be no improvements whatsoever, please add to your own thread a link to your DxDiag and MSInfo files (you can upload both to Pastebin), so we can have a look for you.

Thank you!

Note: thread locked to limit confusion. :)

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