Stutter on "Dark Whispers"

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Hey. I get this serious stutter every two seconds or so on the aforementioned single player mission (First Protoss prologue mission). Starting roughly the moment Kerrigan's base is revealed and her army attacks. The stutter stops completely when she is finished with her attack, and her base is covered by FOW again.

The stutter is not connection related, I went offline and it does the same thing. Played through both WoL and HotS with no problems at all. And also played through this same mission and the Protoss campaign a year earlier, with absolutely no problems. For now it seems mission-related.

I've tried a couple of solutions, like running the 32-bit client, running in windowed fullscreen, disabling all unnecessary background programs and services etc. All the latest drivers are installed. Graphics settings have no effect on the stuttering. Also tried the "scan and repair" -function. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, since nothing obvious seems to solve this particular issue.

Intel Core i5-2320 - 8GB
GTX-560 Ti
Got the exact same problem! Quite annoying indeed. Tried the 32bit, turning off apps overlay, going into msconfig and doing some tweeks... The rest of the game runs so well, it's just this mission starting at Kerrigan grand appearance, that the stuttering starts...

I7 2600k
GTX 1060 6Gb
16Gb Ram

Pretty much limited to that mission...
Yeah, the same problem here, lag starts when Kerrigan's base is revealed and her army attacks. Tried everything, like running 32-bit client, scan and repair function, but with no luck.

Any ideas or some bug fix from Blizzard? Because, this mission is unplayable now.
not the right place to post this(support is, not general). there is 2 things you can try in variables.txt: change d3d9 to d3d11 and inserting processAffinityMask=255.
I thought it was just me. I experienced this fps drop as well,only in that mission. I thought it was just my computer bugging. I only experienced it on my last playthrough a few months ago and didn't experience it before

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