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How do I edit the font color for things like unit name, button name, tooltip text, requirement text in tooltips, etc.? Right now these colors appear to be based upon chosen race, but I want to make the colors the same no matter which race is chosen.
Hopefully the message will go through this time, fourth time the forum bugs out if it borks again.

Yes, you can change the colors, go into Buttons in the Data section and click any button there.

Double click on (Basic) UI: Alert Name^ or (Basic) UI: Alert Tooltip^ then highlight some text.

Now go to the bottom of the new window and toggle Show Style Controls and some more information should pop up right above the option.

Click on either the small bar to the left or the right side of the screen, it does not matter which, and pick the color you wish, then click Apply Color.

Now the highlighted color should be bracketed inside of something that looks like this:
<c val="F51B1B"> Pulls target unit to the location of the viper. </c>

The <c val="F51B1B"> bit will make the text blood red, you can alternatively either take the color coding bits write in what you want afterwards or write the sentence/name you want in the Buttons values and apply color.

This is not available in Unit Names and such however, so you have to go into Buttons and copy-paste from there.

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