Profile error: Terran & Zerg stats mixed

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There's something strange with my account.

In my Profile Summary, in the TERRAN tab I get this:

Gold | Tier 1
Your MMR: 0

My real MMR points are below Gold 1, but not so low.

Checking the ZERG tab, it says I must complete a series of ranked matches to determine initial league placement, which doesn't make sense, since I've played 32 ranked matches this season.

Going to LADDERS -> Current Season, I can see in the left tabs zone:

General Info
1V1 Random
1V1 Terran
1V1 Terran
1V1 Protoss

so it seems somehow my Zerg stats have somehow turned to Terran. Checking that tab, I see the stats, but the icon shown is for Random (?), and Matchmaking Rating: 0

Can I get this fixed, or can I do something myself to fix it?

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