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Me and my team mate were playing SC2 in 2v2.

We are Silver 1, rank 92 and we're playing against master 1 !

It's not the first time at all ! In 1v1 and 2v2 it's the same.

He played, just earlier, whereas he's silver 2, against golds and masters !!!

I don't think we've a master skill. But I'm sure the matchmaking is broken.

I'm not talking about a first time, but an habits !

So Blizzard, we're paying for your game and except create some skins, since a year, I haven't seen a matchmaking's update...

Do it quickly pls.

Ps: But I'm pretty sure listenning to your audience it's not your priority. There is money in the way...
NO one will care about you say. This is a dead game and support for this game has died years ago. Just short blizzard stocks that is all. This company is the worst and doesn't listen to fans

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