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I don't know what other players think, but it seems to me that storm is stupidly overpowered. This is ridiculous, lost 8-10 games in couple of days with toss because of it. I am T, and no matter how good my macro and micro is (was way ahead economically in most of these games), toss just spams hundreds of storms - bio melts in 1 second, at least loses 70-80% of its health, and the rest is done with archons' splash! Even mech seems difficult to handle it coz of thousands of zealots coming towards your army.

I know that ghosts are designed to counter it, but it's waaaay more challenging for T to emp/snipe 10-15 high templar (especially during the battle) than for P to spam the same thing over the whole army.

Splits do not help because of the wide radius of storms - if toss is spamming, there is simply no way out!

I hope someone from Blizzard checks this out.
Well, if your enemy gets to archons and 15 templars with storms, while you have just bio, then your macro isn't good at all, it's not even close to being 'ok'. Terran players, please, stop mentally blocking yourselves on units that start with M, have you heard of liberators? Also regarding to ghosts, its not hard at all to emp high templars if your enemy isnt feedbacking your ghosts, also emp has aoe, so you can clean off energy out of group of HT and take off the shields on them and other units in the area.
According to my expirience, do not try to engage directly

Use drops (BC teleport in late game) to harass opponent and cripple his economy
Protect yourself by siege tanks, bunkers, turrets and liberators

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