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So in this patch: 4.8.3, Chokers can no longer stun Ultralisk units, but still any heroic unit of Tychus can?
I don't usually care about this sort of scenarios but I've seen and felt whats like 3 Chokers getting rid of more than half Tychus' "army" and to know that a single Ultralisk in midst of an army of Kerrigan's cannot be stunned has to be worth mentioning...
In vanilla game Ultralisks and Broodlords have "mind control immunity", so that the enemy infestors can't neural parasite them. I guess they wanted that to work in coop as well.

I agree, it's pretty insignificant since Ultras and Broods are units that come into play later in the game while chokers are difficult on the first night when you usually don't have that many units. It sucks for Tychus especially since he's at 2 units max at that time and a single choker can stun up to 3 at the time! And then your ally is a poorly skilled player with no units or static defense out by that time and the game is pretty much over...

It's a rare occasion, but Tychus' units should get mind immunity. If not Tychus himself, then at least Nux or Vega (i think this kind of ability would suite a ghost) - to stand a chance in this case.
hm interesting idea actually ... i usually go for sykes as 2nd member and spamming that turret but getting that storming ghost ... could work if i bunker up myself behind some build turrets and use storm and nade for chokers and abarations and stuff

in the last patch u could save you units via that medivac from choker grips iirc that could also be an option

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