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Hello! I really struggle to get Zeratul's achievement where you need to kill 500 devolved units in a single mission, it should be easy with a partner on certains maps...
So hey, add me if you wanna farm some achievements in coop that require a specific strategy!
Lock and load, ask someone to leave and you can deal it yourself.
Heh, the Devolution Retribution. I heard a lot of people complaining about this one but I really liked it, cause it's pretty difficult and weird.

In case you haven't finished it yet, here's how I did it:

1. It's a good idea to have Zeratul at full level, to get the construct time reduction mastery. It's gonna be a long game and you don't want it to be even longer.

2. Ask people in the Coop lobby chat to join a game and leave after the game starts. There are always people willing to help there, don't be shy. Ask them to join as Swan or Karrax. Swan is in my opinion a better defender since he has siege tanks, but with Karrax you can chase the shield recharge achievement at the same time.

3. Play Dead of Night. It's a defensive map, so you can stall it for as long as you need. Politely ask your partner to build defenses around northern and both side entries before he leaves. If he doesn't, you're going to have to do it yourself with his units. You need to fortify the south gate with Zeratul units and cannons only (this is very important, check 4).

4. Once you start summoning the construct, you need to kill the devoluted units with Zeratul's units and cannons only, otherwise it won't count. Even when your partner quits and you have control of his units, it won't count if devoluted units are killed with e.g. his siege tanks or laser cannon. I would also suggest turning the auto-cast on devolution ability on the construct off and triggering it yourself when completely surrounded for maximum effect.

5. Repeat until you get the 500 kills. During game, press F11 (i think it's 11, but it might be another F9-F12?) to open the achievement window. Your confirmed kills are displayed so you can see how much more you have to deal with. It took me around 45 in-game minutes to get the achievement.

Good luck!

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