Coop-Commander suggestion: Some nuke-spaming commander

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Give us a commander with just a HQ and nukes with no cooldowns and no costs that can be globally cast and hit the target within a second.
If you think it's op, you're absolutely right. But boring op-commanders are what Blizzard is giving us anyway. Tychus, Zeratul, Dehaka... What's wrong with Blizzard to only create non-macro, non-micro commanders anymore? Whenever I get matched with those, I literally afk because they rush the map in 5 minutes solo on brutal anyway. This is just stupid and no fun for the other part.
This would be great !
Botting the coop level would be so easy with this.
Currently i have to spam Hyperion with Raynor ;-;
start abathur, make lair, spam biles, only with mass carrier/battlecruiser you could be in trouble since they take more biles each but essentially you can kill everthing including cloaked stuff with biles :D

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