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I am incredibly sorry, but I have to ask this question. Do you, Blizzard, consider that it is the fair ability of the unit "Choker" to be able to stun Tychus units?
How to fight against them? These units making the gameplay absolutely impossible, because the only option is to run away, hoping that friend would destroy him. Especially this situation looks stupid on the start of the game.
get sykes as second member and spam that turret, on hard atleast the chokers will focus the first enemy thing which should be the your turret, works aswel against the ripper thinggies and with that AA upgrade it will demolish the overclocked overseer aswell :D
As I understand you correctly, you were talking about focus fire of choker? Well, actually, this thing changes his mind after attacking him (it's a script of sc2 - changing the focus fire to the attacker) and boom, Tychus+2 mercenaries are dead... well, in case if mate is stupid.
Or you meant like choker won't change his mind because turret would be the primary target?
on rare occasions that choker will tentacle tychus +1 but usual there are nuff turrets to kill them if that even happens since you are spamming them as they are aviable
One choker only grabs one hero unit. The others are able to take it down.
I'm pretty sure he can grab more than one, but let us pretend the 1:1 proportion. I have 5 units only, Tychus the only one who have AoE damage, or Ghost's ability, but not that powerful. In very rare occasions I found only one choker, there are at least 3-4 or them, or maybe more. But yet it doesn't answer my question, what to do at the start? Because I have only 2 units, even Sykes is not helping, because when I drop turret, he is starting to attack it with acid biles, but when I need to approach to him for killing, he is grabbing one of my hero units. And furthermore, this "Choker" is very enduring, so, it's not that easy to destroy him. That means, the only hope is a friend, but sometimes they are noobs.
I want to add something here, in Novas tooltip it litterly sais: Her Units are Immun to stuns. (Lv 1 Ability)

They still get affected.
the amount of units the choker can grab is based on difficulty but, i think it can grab as many as 3. that gives them an unfair advantage against tychus. what they could do is to give tychus an outlaw recall button to recall an outlaw grabbed by the choker.

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