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Hello! I'm having a problem with 1v1 unranked matches. Every time i try to find an
unranked game, i either get a 6 minute search with bronze/silver opponent, or, i find a closer to my level (4k mmr) opponent within ~2 minutes but very rarely. In 1v1 ranked, i'm a 4k mmr player and find games within 30 seconds consistently. At first, i thought maybe i just need to play more unranked games and it's gonna improve so i've played for awhile, but nothing changed at all. I think this requires support attention. I'm asking to look into my unranked mmr and potentially reset it to default value as if i had a fresh account.

Edit. A little update. So i decided to make a completely new battlenet account for science. I logged into Starcraft 2 from a new account and queued for an unranked match. Guess what, i found a game in 7 seconds! This really proves that something is wrong with my main account. Please help!

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