Zerg all round tier 3 flyer, what are your thoughts?

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Zerg should have an all round tier 3 flyer.

Suggested New Zerg Unit - Brood Master!!

To give Zerg an all purpose tier three air unit to match the Terran Battle Cruiser and Protos Carrier. The current Brood Lord is the nearest thing the Zerg have to this but it is slower moving and the broodlings it produces can only attack ground units, even though the broodlings can be seen flying themselves just behind the Brood Lord as it moves around the map. It would be a fantastic addition to the game to allow the Brood Lord to be upgraded one extra time by the player in game. Once each current Brood Lord has been evolved from a Corruptor an option to merge the Brood Lord with a Mutalisk could be located in the command panel in the same way the option to merge two High Templar exists. The result of this merge would be another cocoon out of which spawns a Brood Master. This new unit would have a speed buff to bring it in line with the Battle Cruiser and Carrier. The broodlings it produces would have more visible wings and when deployed can attack both ground and air units. The new unit would obviously look slightly different to the Brood Lord to distinguish the two and the original Brood lord avatar could be altered so it shoots its broodlings out from its underside rather than having them weirdly flying when they cannot attack air.

What do people think of this idea?
I agree on a tier 3 unit.
The name Brood Master seems like a good fit.
Perhaps it could have the same supply of an Ultralisk (6 supply).
The description you gave sounds interesting and it could be fun to try it :)
I like it.
Zerg already have all-around tier 3 unit called hydralisk, what's the problem?
I think Rich meant is that Zerg have a massive air unit as big as BC and Carriers... that Brood Lords don't feel massive or big enough compared to BCs and Carriers.
That's what I understood from OP.
I kinda agree. It feels weird with terrans and protoss having an all around T3 unit while zerg's only T3 air is a slow moving ground siege unit.

Although i dont like the method of creation you proposed. I'd imagine it being morphed as its own unit or maybe morphed from mutalisk. And that it (ofc) requires greater spire. So just like how a fleet beacon unlocks tempests,carriers and the mothership; the greater spire unlocks brood lords and this new unit.
As for name, i was thinking
Swarm Lord or Behemoth.
What do yo think?

Edit: Now that i think about it, any world size mythological beast fits..
Nidhog, Tiamat...
Yes I'm talking about a proper T3 balance in an air unit for the Zerg. Hydralisks are great but ground based and can be out manoeuvred with air power when it comes to natural terrain barriers/ramps/certain maps etc. Terran and Protoss have mass marine and archon/templar on the ground in the face of Zerg's hydralisks. I think a all round flyer for Zerg to match the BC and carrier would be a great addition to the game and add a good balance. Having an Ultra supply count sounds spot on!

Like the idea of the names Swarm Lord / Behemoth. I'm easy on the method of creation for the unit as long as they have one! Zerg are not my favourite side but I think they should defo have a T3 all-rounder.
I think its even understood in the pro realm, that zerg late game against toss air for example, is at a disadvantage. I suspect there is a solution that can introduce limited air based splash that wouldn't absolutely break the game.

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