coop design is still bad

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Current coop for example total rng, get changelings with ling speed = instant loss. You have to get sick rng to be able to complete. Also one mutator takes your units and move with them randomly. It is bad design because you are locked out of game and can't play. Game plays itself. You should have always have counter and ability to outplay.
Also other coop are possible only with specific set of heroes. Which makes game pay to play. I would never buy coop commander. It is just coop.
More fun to play against people. I play coop currently only because 1v1 sucks.
This game should be for subscription, pay 5$ montly, instead of f2p, or payment. And devs should balance the game to keep it at high quality standards. Or they should have just random gm players balanced the game, since pro players are biased and want their race to be best, because they make living by winning tournaments... Blizzard failing on all fronts...
1v1 sucks, 90% of player base already left the game. SC2 is slowly dying to obvlivion , perfomance sucks since lotv. HOTS used to be 60fps min and they can't balance even coop !@#$ !
BTw after coop i cant change profile it want to save all changes, i have to restart game..

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