How do non-pro zergs deal with protoss storms?

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I'm dia and am getting disheartened to see 100+ supply of roach hydra melt to a army of 50+ supply of some archons immortals and hightemp + Zealot. No micro on the archon+imm + zerl in replays... just controlling the HT and storming like madmen... I try to bait them out and I still loose half hp on whole army before the engagement finally happens. Most of my units die instantly from the storms.
I recall Scarlett playing against some toss recently when she was 60 supply ahead and still.. everything was melted to storms alone. I just don't know how I can fair better. The only useful tips I've seen so far is bait them out with units that can survive the storms... whitch is only ultralisks.. but storms enter the fray in midgame, the corners I'd have to cut to have ultras when storm comes would kill me alone.
I know that I should harass and try to damage the toss economy to overwhelm with greater numbers. But again, the corners to cut to get nydus and drop going is having me dying to the warpprism-harrass I just can't afford a nydus/ultralisk/100+supply army at 10min with my apm. I have a winrate of allmost 70% vs Zerg, 56% vs terran despite Dying to the BC rushes.... toss is the only thing I can't find an answer to. HELP!
Roaches can tank storm fairly well, the best thing to do is get a huge spread going, I mean attack from as wide of an angle as you can when engaging the protoss army. If you're attacking head on in a narrow choke you will die for sure, zerglings too for speed surrond and good vs immortals

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