Starcraft 2 repeadedly disconnects ingame

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Every session after a few minutes or sometimes even an hour i am kicked out of a game (custom and ranked/unranked)(team and 1vs1). My internet connection is fine and my pc setup has not changed before this occured.

The game just freezes and the surrender button is the only thing i can click on. There is no countdown or sth. My game is up to date and runs on Win10 Professional.

Hope somebody can help.
Try this to check out you connection to blizzard servers. It can be your ISP.
Also check out antivirus and firewall, but doubt it start randomly. Probably it is not that. You can also try port-forwarding, but doubt it will do anything.
Also what kind of connection you have, using wifi or something ?
it seems to be working again after the last patch but thx anyways :).

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