Mouse Click stops working

Starcraft II Technical Support

I've recently just started palying the game again after a few years out. I'm playing on quite a dodgy old laptop with an Intel HD3000 graphics card (I only mention this because I have a feeling poor performance may have something to do with the issue).

As I'm playing, left and right mouse clicks become more and more unreliable. Hovering the mouse of a unit will highlight the unit but I'm unable to select it by clicking. If I click a bunch of times it will eventually work. Moving workers in vespene geysers is particularly unreliable for some reason.

I'm using Windows 10, all graphics settings in SCII are at their lowest. The laptop is connected to a monitor which means the game is possibly trying to run at a higher resolution than I have windows set to (I don't really know if that's a thing, I ain't technically gifted haha).

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