sieged tanks wont stop killing own building

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I'm not sure if its a bug or not, but its really annonying.

When playing terran and selecting all tanks (sieged and unsieged) and misclick on your own building - and you immidiately after click on move/attackmove and "free area" the tanks keeps attacking own building..
this means that you can accidently kill own or allies building because you missclick.

cant remember if clicking "S" or "H" would stop it.
Yeah I unsiege them to stop this once it's started, quite annoying
Yes it would press s or move command.
Move commanding or Attack Commanding an area with an unit that cannot move (Sieged Tank) does not give it a different command because it cannot perform it, you have to press the Stop command to make units that inherently cannot move cease their attacking of friendly targets.
@likkan I understand, but its still frustrating because if you have more than 1 tank you cannot think fast enough to stop it from killing any other units (expect heavy units)

i understand the logic behind - but i guess im far away from pro league ;)

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