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This weeks mutation is seriously overtuned!!
Even normal is unbeatable!!

Is the team looking into what's gone wrong with the mutation?
It is not impossible, there are a certain number of successes on youtube, however that's not okay that about every 1000. game can be won. I completelly lost my fun because of this mutation. It needs huge rework.
Not impossible, but I (and most of the community) don't like it either. The problem here is not it being almost "unbeatable" on brutal; but being imbalanced as a whole. You're fighting ridiculously powerful Novas / Zagaras / Kerrigans with 5000hp on Brutal, and you're fighting the same on Casual. Some heroics spawn with an attack wave, some with the shuttles, and some with the small attack waves that go after the bonus objectives. Suddenly you have 5 heroes, each heading in different direction, each being perfectly capable of utterly destroying you without proper micro, all at once.

Personally I'd be glad if every once in a while there's a mutation that I'm not able to complete on Brutal, but it would feel better if it scaled properly on lower difficulties and slower game speed wasn't SO annoying.

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