Received previously earned achievement again.

Starcraft II Technical Support
The Feats of Strength achievement for purchasing a co-op commander Karax was on my account for a while since I owned him previously, but today I received a notification about this achievement again. Thought it's just a visual bug, but the achievement has actually shown in my recently acquired list on 11/04/2019, and it has overwritten the previous achievement in the category itself, as there's only one.

I think it may be somehow related to issues with the 100% campaign achievements added yesterday, which I didn't receive yet for whatever reason, but that's just guessing.

Thank you for reporting the bugs you find, and helping the developers improve the game for us all. This is not the right place to report bugs though, post any bugs you find on the dedicated bug reporting forum instead.

You do need to have logged into the Americas region before you can do that. Click on the box above the play button and select the Americas region. Login to the game and go through the steps to create a player profile. Once done, you can log into the Americas region forums to post your feedback.

Submissions posted there have the benefit of allowing a community discussion around high-impact bugs, which can occasionally help in prioritizing them. If you want to check on a bug, we also keep a list of known active issues at the top of that forum that all players can see.
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