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These a-holes like to team kill and run their mouth. Blizzard is too busy collecting money from emojis to do something about abusive users. Report button is a joke. Feel free to add to the list; I know I will until Blizzard removes my account. When you see them, either leave or give them a taste of their own medicine.

If we have to list TERRIBLE people to play alongside.

Then will I have a longer list than blizzard's servers can take.

There is a serious amount of retards out there and reporting them doesnt do a thing. Nothing that we'll ever know of anyway.

I experience time and time again that I join games with people who instantly let me know they have a bad day and I must pay for it.

Being able to block people so you cant end up in games with them would be very appreciate, but you wouldn't make the gaming experience better, now would you blizzard?

But then again, the chances of any of the lack of employs read this is like... a million to one. So i'm free to say whatever I feel like and do whatever I want, because nobody are watching over sc2 anymore. Which is so sad since its a very enjoyable game, till you come across people who is harassing you none stop.
Yep, i don't wonder some people do that, they are boycotting, because blizzard is getting free moeny from coop commanders and haven't to do anything about 1v1, or for their player base. So people boycotting, gj!

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