Ultralisk Model Change with Chitinous?

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Greetings. I've a question and a request. Just a small quality of life suggestion.

You know how Zerglings gain wings when their upgrade finishes? Why don't Ultras change unit model when they get Chitinous Plating?

Chitinous is as much of a must-have for Ultras as speed is for lings, but why don't they have a model change when its done?

This is just a trivial matter but it helps with counter play: being able to tell at a glance that they have +2 armor. Not to mention the fact that both those upgrades impact the game drastically.

Me and other non-grandmaster players sometimes forget to click the incoming ultras in order to assess the situation, so this visual queue would be most appreciated.

What would they change model to? Just something that looks slightly more bulkier. If leviathan skins weren't a thing, I'd have suggested using the leviathan ultra for when the unit finished its upgrade.

What do you guys think?
Since it's not an upgrade that can be actually hidden (you just gotta look at the unit's stats), I guess is not a bad idea. But making a new skin costs money and doesn't actually make a big difference since ultras are only actually used in 1 matchup and they should always be used with chitinous (in fact any strat used vs chitinous ones will work against non-chitinous ones, so just don't bother, assume they have it).
it is a good idea. it is not that visible if the player have researched that or the normal upgrade.

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