Can't place units on specific locations on the terrain?

Custom Maps and Arcade
So recently, I started a map in which a few marines and ghosts arrive at a small space station/airport. However, for some reason they can't be placed in - or walk through - areas of the station, which means they become stuck.

I suspect is has something to do with 'pathing' or something like that. But I have not even touched the pathing-tool yet. The area in question is quite large (certainly large enough to fit the units), it's within the map borders, and there is nothing placed there that would prevent placement or walkthrough? Futhermore, units can be placed all around it.

It's like there is an invisible wall or doodad that prevents any kind of placement. However, there is not. How do I remove whatever is not there???

Any advice?
Is this an map made from scratch or an existing map by Blizzard youre utilizing?

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