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So, I'm new to multiplayer, and I suck at it.
The system have for some reason placed me in gold league, and trust me, I don't belong there.
I get my !@# kicked up, down, and sideways every single time!

Why was I put in gold league, I don't get it?
The system is weird at times, whatever arcane sorcery that is involved in initial league placement is beyond our mortal minds capability of understanding.

The badge is not representative of what people you will encounter however, your MMR is.
Just try to play and if you lose you will quickly face bronze or silver players.
Sounds like what I'm experiencing.
How does the MMR thing work?
Mine started at around 3000.
Does it affect which league I'm in?
Can it be reset somehow?
MMR cannot be reset, the game will try to match you with an player of roughly the same quantity of MMR and if there is none in the queue that matches then if I understand it correctly it will expand the search. You could be matched with someone that is higher MMR, or lower. Depends on who that queues at the time.

15/03/2019 20:08Posted by thygekm
Does it affect which league I'm in?

Initially the league emblem you get is borderline random, there is not a single person on this planet that likely fully understands the mathematics of initial league placement.

Leagues are roughly dividing up the playerbase by placing an percentage of quantity of players in each league.

The 0-7% lowest is bronze, followed by 8-15% thats in silver I belive, followed by 16%-35%? in gold if I recall right and so on. The only exception is Grand Master which consist of the static quantity 200 highest MMR players on the ladder.

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