Co-op Commander dont get experience

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Ive played two matches co-op, without getting any mastery experience.

I've played at my maxed out commanders Stukov and Tychus. But none of the matches added any experience to my mastery level.

Both games were victories, no connection issues that i could see. The first game the other player dropped out in loading screen, but the second game both me and the other player was in the game until the end.

Can you please check what is wrong. So i dont waste more time into rewardless gamemode. :/

Edit: Saw that on US server there were people with this problem, but no response from blizzard yet on those posts.

Same problem here :S
My coop partner has the same problem. However, I don't. So we'd play and then I'd get XP while he'd be stuck at level 1. Bug!

It happens on all commanders he plays with and on none I play with.

If anyone knows more, please share! We got some time to play in the next days, so if this isn't fixed we'll have to pick another game, since the asymmetric leveling will make the games pointlessly hard for him or pointlessly easy for me.
Same issue here. Played with Zeratul 2 games on hard difficulty and one with Nova. While the exp was being counted, it was as if I was lv1 mastery, when I am lv82.
need to join this :( 3 games... 0 xp
Update! My friend just got a bunch of delayed level-ups and achievements.

Looks like they fixed it? :)
that means that you lost and got experience frozen(can also be caused if you play badly). this is working as intended.

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