Drag scroll jump bug

Starcraft II Technical Support
Windows 10, i7-8750H, GTX 1050, SSD Samsung MZ-76Q2T0BW.
Drag scroll randomly jumps huge distances.
Reducing mouse polling rate to 125 helps a bit, but it is still unplayable.
Rebinding "Drag scroll" to a keyboard button does not help.
Changing mice and usb ports does not help.
Changing windows cursor settings does not help.
Changing windows compatibility settings for sc2 does not help. (High DPI settings, disable fullscreen optimizations.)
Changing in-game graphics to the lowest or the highest does not help.
Enabling/disabling Vertical Synchronization does not help
Enabling/disabling "Reduce mouce lag" does not help.
Changing priority of the starcraft process to the lowest or realtime in task manager does not help.
Changing processor affinity for the starcraft process to a single cpu core does not help.
Disabling Nvidia in-game overlay does not help.
Same issue with more details on US battle-net:
A video demonstrating this bug:
Same issue in LiquidSnute's twitter:

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