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When I log in starcraft 2 using battlenet launcher it always go to a account where i have no achievements nor levels in coop.

I logout inside the game, put my password again and im present with a windows called "Select A Game Account" with two options: Starcraft II1 and Starcraft II2.

My progress is all in Starcraft II1.

But the damn game ALWAYS connect to the Starcraft II3 account and i have to always logout and log in the Starcraft II1 account.

How can I make the Starcraft II1 account the main one, the priority, so i don´t need to be annoyed to logout, input password, etc just to play the damn game every time i go play.

The same issue was published in the US BattleNet Forum and there was no solution for it except deleting the second accound. Seems like I am having the same problem.....

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