what should every diligent fan do !

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If you are fan of starcraft 2 you should boycott this game. DEVS don't care about you, you are only source of money for them. They know sc2 is dying and that's why they made it f2p after long time when already most of their fans bought it, to atract more new players and make as much as possible money they can from microtransactions. They don't care about you. If you are Starcraft 2 fan do this:
1. Don't but any skins
2. Don't by any coop commanders
3. Don't by anything you don't need!
Check their shares already dropping. When people stop buying !@#$, they will have to do something, you should honestly boycott game!!!
What will happen then? Maybe, they'll shut the servers down as this game doesn't have LAN?

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