SC2 2560×1080 resolution support

Starcraft II Technical Support
I need 2560×1080 resolution support for StarCraft 2 for my Ultra Wide monitor

Blizzard please fix you game, its 2019.
it is not that easy. the engine is pre 2010. higher resolutions requires more resources which starcraft 2 can not use in the first place, causing further graphics lag. your best bet is to get people to support a massive source code rewrite.
Not true, they just don't want to...
here is their response below.

But what about unraked and coop? I don't care about competitive, also all other games support Ultra Wide guess Blizzard is stuck in the past...

"Essentially, not supporting Ultra Widescreen resolutions is a choice most of our developers intentionally make for any games which have PVP in them where the extra field of view (FoV) will provide a competitive advantage. For instance, Overwatch has this same restriction. Our developers max out at a certain resolution, because if they did not, then players would get a competitive edge at wider screen resolutions. (Because you have a more expensive widescreen monitor, you would be able to see more left/right screen area and have a large information advantage over a 1920x1080 monitor, which is unfair for a ranked game.)"

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