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today I have played over 10 games of which only 2 were able to put up with me in coop. The rest just stay there, chilling while I had to do all the dirty work myself. This is not even a solo, this is harder than a solo because I have only 2 bases not 3. Some maps become nearly impossible to achieve. The game is literally becoming annoying with such spamming player attitudes.

make a ranking system for COOP, like a challenge that every player have to go through ON THEIR OWN; That challenge defines their COOP rank. If they pass a specific grade "with the specific commander" they get to play brutal; if not, they have to play only hard or less depending on their skill rank. Consider it a COOP training.

so every player will need to prove themselves with every commander before jumping into a brutal game with that commander.

One last note:
Don't give me that rant about me accepting a harder challenge, I already soloed some maps today; the point being is, I don't intend to solo all. Its exhausting and frustrating especially when the ones supposed to be playing with you could help and instead they decide to just not help and watch what you do. Others are too weak to even stop 1 wave of attack. Just 1 wave destroyed their entire army mid-game and that player didn't even rebuild his/her army until the end of the game. while I was fighting at 4 different directions at the same time with mini armies here and there and trying to micro all of that at once. Even after winning I was soar from the experience. If that is what I am intending to do in the 1st place, I would go for a versus against AI. Doing everything on your own EVERY SINGLE GAME just wrecks the concept of COOP.
i agree.

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