was banneling speed buffed too ?

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They are so fast even off creep you can't even one time stutter step and they hit already. Supply less unit now +500 hp in zerg army which didn't exists. Even counter mines and marauders and tanks do nothing to banneling and hydra. In tvz hydra and banneling never worked. Noone build hydra/banne in tvz ever. It is zvp build. Something is wrong if suddenly composition from another matchup starting to be so oppresive in another. It is like if tanks start to be so good you can mass them against protoss whole game... Or something else, if you mines become too good that you can mass them against collossi. Bannelings don't die, when would previously die, so you have to play 20x better to beat couple banes...
Banes super imbalanced, since it is supply less unit, now it has 500+ hp which didnt exists, mines marauders and tanks and he just a moves over everything. Than mass muta control 1 group and before you take thors and put them in medivacs with afterburner already whole mineral line lost. It takes so much more skill to split marines and defend and he is controling one unit group, even with instant reaction, already whole mineral line lost... Never had any problem in hots vs zerg , LOTV is so f2cking stupid...
Terran army so ineffective mines doesnt work tanks doesnt work marauders doesnt work. Baness roll over everything, even with upgrade advantage you can't kill zerg army, zerg army will be always stronger, you can never kill it, only way to win to be ahead which is hard, or drop but goog player will defend, same supply of terran vs zerg hydra or bane incridibly op, tanks + mines and marauders doesn't work, marines tanks doesn't work. Zerg army will be always so effective and imba... Overbuffed trash... Thors doesnt really do anything..
Even when i micro well i feel i trade so inefficiently. And hydra/baness are so cost effective, even vs 4700, i can't kill him it takes 30 minutes to kill him and if zerg one time maxes you loses, because how strong banes is no matter how many mines maruaders or tanks you have... You have to play perfeclty 1 mistake you lose and zerg do many mistakes and it doesn't matter/... Imba inject queue, everything was buffed. Mule nerfed and inject gets buff ? wtf ??? everything for zerg got bufffed LMAO.,.
HMM speed is same, even it doesn't seems so. Because banes have +5 hp and hydras +10 or they started to work all sudden in zvt, which never worked before ever, before patch and tank change isn't enough to compensate and mines are worse, also lings got buffed in lotv Attack speed bonus increased to 40% from 18.6% for adrenal glands, which is huge buff. It seems so because now if you split it does nothing you get killed by lings and bannelings are so tanky doesn't die to mine tank maraduer... NEVER EVER HAD PROBLEM VS ZERG IN HOTS, but in lotv i can't beat zerg...Zerg is so overbuffed in LOTV LMAO..

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