The fiercest co-op troll ever

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Today this happened on mutation. His name is DualCore.
Yes, every 2-5 minutes he was relaunching the mutation. Not because he was loosing or he wasn't satisfied with allies. He was attacking and insulting his every ally for nothing, doing this for purpose, going straight for stabbing the back and scoff people.

Now, this is how it happened. I launched today's mutation for 1st time and got... him. He was pretty rude from the start but I thought we'd be fine, he has nearly as high level as me (I'm 780 on eu), he has banner for 100% campaigns as me, so I can accept this, we all are rude sometimes. I gave him chrono, I cleared rocks for both and I went with Zeratul to clear the 1st wave. That time he droped robots on me and killed my base. This wasn't like we had a conflict, I said nothing bad to him, I don't remember myself playing with him before. He just... did it.
His PM is locked, so I could write him a word.
Then I got enother ally and took the mutation from first attempt, it's pretty easy.
And then I thought - lets look what bird was that psychopath. I saw his match history and everything was clear now. I waited a couple minutes for him to end another game and queued same moment as him. Luck! We got together again. I was planning to revenge same way picking Tychus who is strong and fast, hoping troll doesn't remember me. But no, this troll was mobilized HARD on killing allies. Now he went for fast canons to prevent hero creation. Wow. I repeated that 2 times more but the troll was gaining lulz with all posible ways. Which makes me 100% sure he spends days and days on stabbing backs. There are nearly no wins in his history.
I actualy understand if someone attacks me for a conflict. But for years I didn't see a retard who proffessionaly goes for hurting people. He is not playing 1-1 where he could spend his anger honestly, he kills allies only, with no reason. And gets his pleasure. There is nothing human in his behaviour.
For sure this person must be freed from StarCraft forever. I wrote in-game report but I am sure this is not enough. This must be seen by people.

That really sucks, I literally HATE people who ruin the fun of the game for others, by acting like this!

He should be banned big time! I cant believe he really finds pleasure in teamkilling like that. Is it only in Co-Op, or also ranked? Both are very bad, but doing it in ranked is even worse, to ruin people's ladder games :S

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