How much RAM it consumes ?

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Hi, can someone who's running the game on high settings or above tell me how much RAM Sc2 consumes ?

I'm running on 4GB at the moment and it really hurts, I'm planning to upgrade and want to see if I can get away with only 8GB or I have to go higher.

8 gigabyte should be enough. textures takes up 1 gigabyte max on your gpu but not from your main ram. you do need a 64 bit operating system. if you have only 4 you might have a 32 bit one. it depends however on how many background tasks you are running, as each task consumes memory. the exact amount is listed in the task manager. browsers alone might use more than 2 gigabytes with a lot of tabs open.
I'm using the integrated graphics of my cpu, a HD 620, so I really need RAM.

I have a Dell 3567 with i3 7020U, 4GB DDR4 RAM and HD 620.

If the game is the only thing running, I have no shutters or anthing, everything is fine. The second I open another thing, my RAM is fully occupied and the system becomes unusable.
that means that whatever memory the gpu uses comes from your ram, increasing its ram requirement. i could have told you that earlier if you had told me what gpu it is you have. one thing that is with integrated gpus is that the ram they have available changes based on available ram. at least it does that with amd gpus but i am not sure when it comes to intel. the gpu might consume about half of your total ram. on the other hand, your cpu is weak. it might not be able to handle more than 8 gigabytes of ram.
I think the VRAM for intel integrated graphics is variable too. For me, at the moment, it says it can use up to 2GB as VRAM, and on the product page says it can use up to 32GB at max, only if you have some crazy amount of RAM I guess.

Anyway, I'm 90% inclined to go for an extra 4GB stick and end up with 8GB total.
that would be wise but, it is not as easy as it sounds. some shops only sells certain memory chips in sets of 2 or more. when i upgraded my laptop from 2 to 8, i had to purchase 2 memory chips, as i could not buy just 1. you really should find out how much ram you have room for so that you do not waste money buying 2 chips when you can only fit in 1. according to what i was able to find out, your pc have 2 memory slots. if you can only buy them in sets of 2, you will have 1 chip left over.
I researched, I have 2 ram slots from which 1 is occupied with 1 stick of 4 GB.
There are planty of places where I live from where I can order another stick. So it's fine.

Ty for the replies btw.

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