Very Disappointed in Blizzard...

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I am Very Disappointed in Blizzard...

I have had my Ultra Wide monitor for over a year now and I can't play StarCraft 2 with its native resolution.

And the only response they provide "oh its unfair" its a video game! not the Olympics, Even though to that I say I don't care about competitive gaming, there is Single Player, Coop Games, Unraked PVP and keep 16:9 restriction for your medal and whatnot.

Wake up Blizzard its 2019 ! You are stuck in the past!
Haha good luck, they don't care even about 1v1 which is main part of the game, do you think blizzard will implement ultra wide monitor support, because one player wants it on singleplayer. Dude they didn't even include multicore support after all these years from release of multicore cpus. While they promised better perfomance with come of lotv, it got even worse... Dream more..
Guess I am not going to play anymore then,
and going to put Blizzard on my Black List.
please do not do that. instead, you could try to get the game to run on your monitor`s native resolution through variables.txt or something.

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