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i am having huge fps drops and bad performance, my previous post got unanswered. I disabled to hyper-treading and overclocked my cpu at 4.3ghz, but still i don't have even 60fps.
Intel i7 3770 4,3 ghz
ram 1600mhz
geforce 780
game on ssd
windows 10 64 bit
I read tweak guide in pinned post and tried almost everything alread, i am playing on lowest possible both in drivers and in the game.
Hy, try running the X32 bit version of the game. In Battleapp select the game settings and check launch 32 bit insteat of 64. It helps. Disabling hyperthreading also helped, allthoug its not reliable and a lame solution.
I have 60 fps in early and mid game with a lower configuration.
how much memory do you have?
I have 16gb ram, game uses 1-2 gb ram.
I i know a lot of tweaks, already have 32 bit.
With hyperthreading on one replay in lategame i have 20 fps and without 40.
Still mass bane is most demanding, in this scenario probably worse, anything below 60 is really bad because tearing and dynamic lag.
then it is likely your overclocked cpu, as starcraft 2 does not support overclocking.
lmao, starcraft 2 is dependent on overclocking, i have +20 fps with overclock than without , because game doesn't take advantages of multiple cores
Now you trolling so hard lmao .....
I have only 50c.
no, it is not. overclocking is not supported. just ask blizzard`s support. they have said it themselves.
You are just trolling article i send demonstrating overclocking increase fps and everyone who haven't overclocked cpu has low fps, because game cannot utilize multicore so overclocking matters, otherwise gpu is bottlenecked. A lot of people does it and it increased their fps. Without overclock i have 20 fps and with 40, so it is working. Saw people having low fps on 1080 because low cpu speed.
no, everybody that overclocks have low fps, according to blizzard.
Send link when they said it, as i said i get +20 fps min from overclocking in replay tested in same situation, without i have fps drops even in midgame and games is uplayable and lategame i get drops to 20. Without overclocking game wouldn't be even playable since it doesn't utilize fully even 2 cpu cores.
14/05/2019 23:56Posted by IIIIIIIIIIII
Send link when they said it

Overclocked video cards can indeed cause issues in StarCraft II. Have a look into the Starcraft II Performance Issues Support article, as that is the first thing that is mentioned there.

Locking this thread now though, please do not open several threads for the same issue.
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