My feelings when I enter 1vs1 Load screen

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I first of all scan the opponent and see what team he is.
And I'm almost always playing Terran and so my reaction is junctioned to how the Terran will emerge triumphant.

If the enemy is Random
I assume the enemy has a daring character, and is likely a pro in disguise flexing his strategic muscle, playing with a few naïve characters.. of which he's likely to encounter within the limits of my mediocre league. I envision some routine staple strategy of producing some early 3 Barax pressure rush.. just to assert my self. But I still assume there'll be some non-specific improvised solution coming from me.
But the enemy's choice of random is unsettling and only someone who knows their business will do that

If the enemy is Terran
Immediately, insecure curiosity descends upon me.. as if the enemy is Red and my colour is Blue and they're inherently aggressive while I'm some naïve passive blue-party. It is usually here I discover how deviant Terran commanders are.. having recourse to combinations of their technology I'd hitherto never imagined.
With eager expectation I assume they might... routinely carry out something, which I happen to discern, and then the battle unfolds to my advantage.

Usually when seeing the enemy to be Terran I still resort to some early pressure.. which is failed by the mere common sense practised by securing staple things.. like a Ramp Blockade, non-greedy natural expansion. Awareness of Drop-ship surprise attacks.. and so on.

if the enemy is Zerg
A bold feeling of purpose comes about, as if there be a worthy battle. Like Marine's entrenched in some warzone fending off countless critters, donned in armour and equipped with a chain-gun. I count upon the enemy not expanding assertively and believing in an honourable fight with Roaches and Hydralisks.
Of course.. there is that preliminary terror engulfing me as I envision banelings busting into my base early or so, but even that is sometimes remedied by producing an early siege tank. Very little fear is felt when seeing a zerg enemy.

if the enemy is Protoss
A feeling of sonorous helplessness descends upon me. I know.. I KNOW that the Terran are equipped with measures to counter-engage. But I think of that ghost academy, deploying that fragile unit who needs to be micro-managed. And then I think of their proxy pylons, teleporting units, The immortal.. so superior to the siege tank. and worse, the looming eventuality of that terrible destructive psi-storm. I know I must bring them down before their economy becomes insurmountable

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