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I wrote complete list to do changes for blizzard of things are broken it had 5000 characters and they removed it, cannot take truth. IT was pure constructive post...
Was the thread actually posted? If you publicized it and it was instantly gone then its a fault on the website, if you spend ~5 minutes or so typing then the site gets updated or something in the meanwhile and it fizzles out when you try to post it.

Write what you want to publish, highlight everything and CTRL+C it then refresh the site and paste it again with CTRL+V
I also had this issue when trying to make a long post thread. It's an issue of some sort as it worked when I posted in some other thread.
i had it saved, but i dont think thing it had exceeded character limit, i reduced it a bit and it got deleted anyways, but it is possible. hmm i counter characters and only 4500.
make a web page, then they cant censor it.
when writing a long post, i suggest writing it in notepad and the copying it in. that will prevent you from timing out.

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