5600 mmrThere is no skill differentiation for protoss

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Demuslim said he can't identify any skill diffrentiation between like 5900 mmr and 6500, that it feels like playing same player. I think same thing, i play a lot 4600 mmr protoss and even lose to them, because they attack me with 20 blinkstalkers when i have barelly 2 tank and stim not done. Because warpgate buff and gates autotransform is utter garbage and protoss have natural before cyber so he has more units and more eco from the start... I never had problem vs this before buff...
So beat 5600 protoss and i didn't even played that good and i was tired and i was f2ying a lot and when i play 4600 mmr it feels exactly same, dude will have +20 units than me and there is nothing i can do... From t1 masters you can't tell any difference between gm. Because imbalance.
And i doubt protoss players having fun to play everygame, because 2 base all in, because macro vs protoss is unwinable. You have to play 10 x better than them...

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