does starcraft 2 use tcp for 1v1 game data

Starcraft II Technical Support
Do starcraft 2 use only udp for game data ?
I found tl article which says it uses only udp
And than i found some computer science paper that says it uses udp aswell.
That would be great, because you can't disable nagling in windows 10.
I used wireshark to capture packets and there are only ack and psh packets for tcp, which is strange, because i just read it used udp for game data and tcp only for downloads and and i had both and agent.exe off.
So what are all those ack packets for. Strange.

StarCraft II requires access to both TCP and UDP ports, I do not have specific information on what data goes through which ports though. For more information, have a look at the following support article: Configuring Router and Firewall Ports.
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