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So what if SCVs have ranged attack while in bunker? It would be only low damage and medium attack speed.

This would encourage Terran to build Bunkers in their mineral lines and give them at least limited anti-harass defense (Something that they normally get only in late game with Planetary).

What do you think?
IMO, they could've created a weakened version of WarHound (which is just that, a modified SCV to fight off hostiles and protect miners) and let you modify it (or at least switch to that mode temporarily, like WarCraft 3's peasants did) into that machine. Cheap and weak. Just remember how originally StarCraft 2 was supposed to introduce Thors - separate structure that is built on battlefield instead of factory.

I still wonder why Terrans can't get those bunkers with turrets from the campaign. It's not like those are OP. Always found it odd how Protoss have AG/AA cannons, Zergs have separate defense structures for AG and AA, yet Terrans only have AA.
Terran in general could use a automated base defense tool.

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