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Hey Blizz, do you know there are some people with major FPS drops when there is Stetmann in game? It doesn't matter if we play him or our teammate. As I see on reddit, there are more of us with this issue. It looks like there is a problem with his Stetellites zones.
Hiya Itharael,

I'm not aware of any specific issues associated to Stetmann, but performance issues like FPS drops, can happen at times. Let's go through the steps listed in the Starcraft II Performance Issues support article, to try and improve this.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Nenyasqi ,

but I am aware, too. I know that my laptop is way on the weak side, but just a week ago co-op was perfectly playable. It's hardly playable for me now. Although I cannot tell if it's Stetmann or the patch itself, since everyone is playing Stetmann now :)

Before, my FPS would drop below 10 only when there's really a lot units on the map. With Stukov, for instance. Now it only 15 FPS right at the beginning of a game, when there're only workers.

I also saw complaints about it on the US Blizzard forum and on Reddit. Please, don't give us the standard support's "f**k off" :,(
same problem here. just a week ago (before this latest patch/update), co-op was running easily around 40-50 fps, even on my radeon graphics card which is roughly 13 years old. the very day that the patch/update went live, and the day that everyone started playing stetmann, frame rates have simply been horrible.

no graphics settings have been changed on my end, so the issue definitely lies in some of the (sometimes excessive) graphical features that stetmann provides onto the battlefield. for example, the (maybe too) highly detailed effect zone of sattelites, the very small graphical details on his units, or simply the overall effects (looks a lot like bloom to be honest) may be a bit too much.

please bear in mind that not everyone in this community might be in a position to afford a top-end graphics card like radeon R9 series or nvidia 900/1000 series.

so before people start like "buy better graphics card" or "lower settings", please consider the Original standard requirements that were posted when the game got released. i did not pay the amount of money i did on this game (expansions and commanders included), just to see things getting unbearable while my computer does very well match the requirements to play the game.

so please, either drop the graphical intensity on stetmann (that causes issues for A LOT of people, not just VolK and myself), or simply post a new list of new system requirements for playing the game, and consider a full refund to every single person that got left behind in this process of increasingly heavy graphical updates without recommended system requirements being posted anywhere.

personally, i would like to see a severe drop/cut in the level of detail for stetmann's units/satellites, since that seems to be the main issue, not people's computer systems since those don't suddenly change or become "lower-end" just overnight.
my i7-8700k, rtx 2080 ti and 32 gigabytes of ram pc have no issues. that suggests that the game simply requires better hardware now. here is one thing you could try however. replace GraphicsApi=Direct3D9 with GraphicsApi=Direct3D11 in variables.txt. it runs well even on i7-2600 with gtx 650 ti boost and 16 gigabytes of ram with that setting.
24/05/2019 20:47Posted by andreasasp
my i7-8700k, rtx 2080 ti and 32 gigabytes of ram pc have no issues

Good for you! :D

24/05/2019 20:47Posted by andreasasp
that suggests that the game simply requires better hardware now

No, it does not. I just checked: other commanders work for me as they did before at 40-50 fps. So does the campaign. And only coop with Stetmann never gets above 15 fps at the beginning and 5 fps closer to the end of a mission.

Please give my sincerest compliments to whomever coded the stetzones ;)
found a temporary work-around so far (keyword TEMPORARY):

instead of manually tinkering in the file (variables.txt) as mentioned above, go to the video/graphics settings in the game and switch to low shaders. this does make the game a bit more bearable as far as framerates are concerned, but it simply looks horrendous. besides, it is only a work-around, not a real solution to the actual problem.

also as mentioned in the post above, only a co-op game with stetmann in it is affected by the immense drop in fps, so that pretty much narrows down where the actual issue is.

a full overhaul on the way stetmann 'uses' video/graphics effects is strongly recommended (and for the love of god, do not test them only on high performance machines, but also on middle/lower end computers).

just a simple recommendation from an otherwise very content player.

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