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Playing the Legacy of Void campaign everything seemed fine until mission 9. After that, to continue with the campaing after closing the game I had to load a saved file. The progress of the game didn't appear in the campaign lobby, there I always saw the mission 9.

When I finished the game (always loading from a file) I got all the achievements but still showing the "mission 9" in the lobby, and if I click in "Continue", I start in the mission 9. In consecuence the campaign is shown unfinished, I cannot access the Master Archives, neither the Epilogue.

Please tell me how to fix it and that I don't have to replay everything again.

I’m using Mac, by the way.

Thanks in advance
Is like if the game is not recognizing the progress of the campaign, even though I have all the achievements. The point is that I'm not able to play the epilogue or anything.

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