BUG REPORT - Stetman causes ally to lag in co-op

Starcraft II Technical Support
It seems once he has a certain amount of units/stetalites in co-op he causes massive frame drops for his allies. This does not seem as bad when you play AS stetman (levelled him to 15 myself). It only seems to occur when he is the allied commander, not when you play as him.

To put this in perspective it's possible to drop to single digit FPS with a allied stetman, I can load up game and pick any other commander and its fine performance wise. as soon as stetman is the ally (NOT when you play as him) then the problem occurs.
it is not a problem if both players`s specs is good enough. i get no issues when i play on i7-8700k with rtx 2080 ti and 32 gigabytes of ram on one pc and i7-2600, gtx 650 ti boost with 16 gigabytes of ram on the other with GraphicsApi=Direct3D11 in variables.txt. try it, maybe it works better for you then.
Incorrect. When you play as Stetman - it works fine. If you play with allied stetman is when the problem occurs. Also the problem does not occur with other commanders that have high performance use like horner or stukov.

Go look at the Co-op subreddit or elsewhere on this forum. It is a issue unrelated to pc specs.
Hello Grifthin,

Please report this as a possible bug here. Unfortunately, this forum is not the right place for it. Please be aware that you might not get a response on the report, but it will be read.

Kind regards

What's your opinion?

no, it is not. i have good specs and i do not get this problem. check my post above for details.

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